Application for Online Business Registration Renewal

Online business registration renewal is currently available only for the following clients:

1. For businesses that are remitting payment by mail and in the form of a check.

2. For government agencies, not-for-profits, or charitable organizations. Such organizations are not required to pay a fee but we do ask organizations submit their registration via the Fee-Exempt application category.

PLEASE NOTE: If remitting payment in-person with a check, cash, or credit card, you are required to provide us with a hard copy of your online registration renewal confirmation.

• Annual Registration Renewal - $30.00 for existing West Chicago businesses and organizations; payment must be postmarked before 12/31 of calendar year.

• Fee Exempt - $0.00 is for government agencies, not-for-profits, religious, or charitable organizations.

• Late Registration Renewal - $110.00 for registrations postmarked or received after 12/31 of previous calendar year.

(Please provide the exact name you are 'Doing Business As' in West Chicago.)

Provide the primary location address in West Chicago where business transactions and/or activities occur. If your business holds multiple sites in West Chicago, add second/third/fourth site addresses in the Multiple Site Locations section.

Please note: City notifications will be mailed to this address and addressed to the Primary Contact, unless alternate information is provided in the Alternate Mailing Address section below.

(e.g., 1125)

(e.g., N, S, E, W)

(e.g., Atlantic Drive)

(If applicable only; Please enter using this format: 'Bldg. #4')

(If applicable only; please enter using this format: 'Unit or Ste. #4')

Please provide a Contact Name to whom City matters (such as in the case of emergency and business-related mailings, etc.) will be directed.

(Please format as: 'XXX-XXX-XXXX')

Email notifications regarding registration renewal and business news and support will be provided at this address.

Please state all that apply from the following list: Retail, Wholesale, Office, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Services, or Nonprofit. If Other, please describe here.)

(Please describe ALL activities and operations currently performed at your location.)

(Any plans for expansion in the new year you would like to tell us about here?)

(If space is leased, please provide the name of the owner.)

(If space is leased, please provide the phone number of the owner.)

(Please complete the following section ONLY if you wish to receive City correspondence at an address other than your business site address in West Chicago.)

(Please provide the company name and contact person name as needed.)

(e.g., 123)

(e.g., N, S, E, W)

(e.g., Main Avenue, Ste. #4B)

(If applicable, please provide the address(es) and site contact information for EACH location at which your company does business in West Chicago.)

We're happy you choose to do business in West Chicago, and we would like to know more to better assist you.

(Contact person full name, title AND email address.)

• Fill required fields and check the 'Send me a copy of my responses' box below.

• Press submit button below. Thereafter you will receive an email confirmation and a copy of your application submission.

• Please remit payment and a copy of your email confirmation by mail to the address noted below. Check payments should be made payable to the City of West Chicago with the registering business name noted on the check.

City of West Chicago
Business Registration Renewal
475 Main Street
West Chicago, IL 60185

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