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This email request form applies to the distribution of both prospect and current student email blasts.The content must already be created (either original or recycled from a past email). If you need content created or heavily edited, please submit an editorial request form first. All content will go through a light editorial review.

Once the email is created, the contact person for this request will receive a proof. Please approve the proof within 2 days (or the email delivery will be delayed). We will then schedule the email and give you final numbers on recipients. We will not send an email unless the proof is approved.

Please add a name for this email project to be used internally.

Please attach a file with your email content written. If you do not have email content written, please submit an editorial request form.

For email communications, we request that you have a clear direction in your message and that you adhere to the UF Online Style Guide. If you need assistance with branding and tone, below you will find some basic email communication tips based on your email’s purpose. Our style guide can be found here:

- Event invitation email: Branded message with event information. What, when, where, why (value proposition) and a call to action (ex: RSVP, Join Us link).

- Emergency communication: While branding is still important for a message like this, the focus is on offering an understanding tone and information on assistance, for example.

- Application deadline reminder: Branded message, application deadline details, resources for more questions and call to action.

If you do not provide any specific direction (image, theme, etc), our graphics team will take the lead on the design.

The sender is the person who is listed in the "from" field and in the signature.

This can be different from the sender.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for all requests.

Depending on the email request’s time frame and due date for sending, rush request may not be possible. Please consider turnaround times for edits, on-brand suggestions, and graphics (if needed). Email creation requires various components and different members of the marketing team provide the various components, so availability may be limited on rushed requests. Please understand that we will do the best we can to fulfill this request. Someone will reach out to you to discuss this rush order if necessary.

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