AFRL Internship Program Application

Are you a US Citizen? Proof of citizenship will be required.

Please provide your most commonly used email address, one that you check on a daily basis.

Text messaging will only be used to inform you of urgent information, such as inclement weather.

Indicate the degree you expect to receive on your graduation date.

Please selection the discipline or area of study that most reflects your major.

If you are a citizen of the United States of America, please enter USA.

Have you previously worked as an intern at AFRL?

Upload your current resume and current unofficial transcripts in one PDF file.
Name your file using the following naming convention: Last Name First Name.(PDF) Example. If your name is John Doe, your file should be named: doejohn.pdf.

Combine your current resume and current transcripts into one file to upload.

This section helps us to identify your skill level.

Please provide a very short description of the area of work you are interested in.

Select your skill level for each item below.

Proficient (P)=You used this in a course a few times, have a general understanding of programming practices/libraries, have developed small applications building upon existing examples/applications.

Fluent (F) – You have developed larger applications for course projects/internships with limited oversight. You have designed and developed new applications and/or techniques.

Select your skill level for each item below.

Proficient (P) – You have taken some courses in this area and/or read conference/journal papers in this field.

Fluent (F) – You have actively worked in this area through capstone projects, thesis, and/or publications.

Select your skill level for each item below.

Proficient (P) – You have used this in a course a few times.

Fluent (F) – You have performed experiments and used equipment for internships, capstone projects, and/or thesis.

Please provide specific information on where and how you found this application. For example, if it was word of mouth, please provide name of the person or if it was via a web search, what site you found it on.

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