Training for Investigators and Key Personnel Conducting Human Subjects Research

The Department of Research at UNC Health Sciences at MAHEC requires that any MAHEC or UNC Health Sciences at MAHEC faculty, providers, employees, learners, and affiliates seeking to engage in research and evaluation activities maintain current training credentials in the protection of Human Subjects and Conflicts of Interest.

For Mission IRB:

1. Conflict of Interest Course.
2. Either Group 1 (biomedical research) or Group 2 (sociobehavioral) as determined by your PI or the Department of Research.

For Pardee IRB:

Group 1 (biomedical research) only. You will need to sign a Pardee specific Conflict of Interest Statement.

Other IRBs:

Consult with your PI and/or the Department of Research staff supporting your project to determine which CITI courses you will need to complete. In general, if you intend to conduct research using surveys, qualitative methods, and/or observations, you will need to complete the Group 2 (sociobehavioral research) course through your IRB affiliation(s) and with whom the research will be conducted. In general, if you will be engaging in a clinical trial or investigating any invasive procedures, medications, or surgeries, you will need to complete the Group 1 (biomedical research) course at the appropriate institutional IRB. In some cases it may make sense to complete both, if you expect to conduct multiple kinds of research in your time at MAHEC.

To take these courses, go to at and either register as a new user or log into an existing CITI account. You should choose to affiliate with Mission Health System (or other IRB as applicable to your situation). If you have previously completed these courses, you may take a refresher course to renew your certification.

For researchers under Mission IRB, Human Subjects Research training modules must be renewed every 3 years and training modules in Conflicts of Interest are due every 4 years. Researchers affiliated with or intending to do research through other institutions (such as UNC-Chapel Hill, etc.) may need to complete additional training modules or follow other renewal schedules).

Researchers associated with the NIH may have completed NIH training in Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP). While the PHRP training is no longer offered by the NIH, certificates previously obtained do not expire. You may upload your NIH PHRP certificate below in lieu of CITI training and that may be accepted by your IRB to satisfy the Human Subjects Protection training requirement.

Please follow the instructions above to complete your CITI training and submit your certificates below once complete.

Researchers working under the direction of other IRBs may submit any additional certifications through this form so that the Department of Research at MAHEC may track certificates and expiration dates.

You may also upload other related certifications - see the "Other" box below.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Lance Goller, MAHEC Grant Writer and Research Administrator, at

If applicable - for students, fellows, and residents

Date that Group 1 (Biomedical) will expire, usually 3 years after it's obtained.

Date that Group 2 (Social / Behavioral) will expire, usually 3 years after it's obtained.

The Conflict of Interest Certification generally expires 4 years after it is obtained.

Please describe the certifications in the comment field and upload a certificate using the attach file tool below. If you have multiple other certifications, please input the earliest expiration date.

Multiple documents can be uploaded, one by one.

For CITI Certifications, please upload Certificates showing expiration dates.

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