Request Settlement Data

All information provided is considered sensitive information and will only be used for purposes of preparing specifications for a Settlement Data job.

Please enter any details you have concerning the weather stations or gridded data points

Please select your required weather variable. If you cannot find your variable in the dropdown then please select "other" and enter a text description of your weather variable in the "Additional Comments" section at the bottom of this form.

This information is used to provide a quote for this project. Pricing will be dependent upon the lesser of the Maximum Payout or Premium paid. All values should be entered as USD.

By default SSS implements a standard SSS Settlement Data methodology. Custom settlement methodologies are supported by Speedwell Settlement Services upon request.

If a custom settlement methodology is required please provide details below (i.e. WRMA fallback)

Settlement Certificates (only) as produced for a specific Settlement Job are accessible to the Client’s counterparty/ies for no additional fee. Settlement Certificates must be accessed by the counterparty/ies via the Speedwell Settlement Services web site at Upon agreeing to standard usage terms and conditions, as displayed on the web site, access will be granted.

In the event that a counterparty would like to obtain a direct feed of the Data Files and Settlement Certificates from SSS we recommend that the your counterparty contact us directly. Directly delivered Data Files and Settlement Certificates will be subject to contracting with SSS and an administration fee to be paid by your counterparty.

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