STEM Scholars Program – 2019 Student Application

The STEM Scholars Program at Agnes Scott College provides research experiences to prepare Agnes Scott College students to excel in STEM graduate education and careers.

The 2019 STEM Scholars Program dates at ASC are June 1 – July 31, 2019.

To be eligible for summer 2019 funding, applicants must:
1. Be an ASC student, currently enrolled full-time, in good standing
2. Be interested in a STEM-related career
3. Commit to full attendance and participation during the research & program dates
4. Submit a valid application by the deadline
5. NOT have a prior B.A. or B.S. or plan to graduate/transfer before Dec 2019

Please note that prior research experience is NOT required. Prerequisite coursework and skills depend on each individual project. Please note that some research projects begin or end beyond the program dates -- speak with faculty for details. All STEM-interested students are encouraged to apply. STEM Scholars Program welcomes DACA and international students.

Follow the instructions provided in the 2019 STEM Scholars Program announcement and project listing (also found on the SSP web pages), and submit document(s) according to the guidelines required.

The deadline for valid application submission is 9:00 pm EST Thursday, February 21, 2019.

If you encounter any difficulty with this application, please email

Please type in leading zero(es) if applicable.

(best number to reach you this summer)

Provide a non-Agnes email that will remain good for you after graduation


MM/YYYY (put "NONE" if you have no previous BA/BS)

(be MORE SPECIFIC than major or discipline if you can)

In 1-3 sentences, what are your current thoughts about your career goals? (It's ok if you are still exploring different ideas). 50 word limit.

STEM Scholars Program 2019 dates are June 1 - July 31 at ASC, and May 28 - Aug 2 at Emory. Some research projects begin before or end after these core dates, and students are expected to commit to full participation during program dates, AND to be fully available during the specific research project that they join. Projects will require coordination with faculty schedules.

Please specify the dates in conflict with research and/or program dates, and the reason for unavailability.

After careful consideration of the project dates, descriptions, & requirements, please rank your preference for the projects. You may use "N/A" if you do not meet the requirements or are not interested in a particular project. If you will submit a proposal to research with an ARCHE institution mentor (optional), please note that is an option you can rank. You have the opportunity to discuss the reasons for your prioritization in your personal statement.

Please check any course you will have completed by end of spring 2019.

List courses completed by May 2019 that support your performance in the top priority research projects you selected. Use the format [Course - Instructor name]. (Make a LIST, not a paragraph.)

Please list other research programs you are applying to for summer 2019 (Program Name & Institution/Location):

Prior research experience is NOT required for this program. If you have had previous research experience, please provide the following information:

(please give YYYY or YYYY-YYYY format)

(max 500 char).

Please check all that you wish to share. SCW respects and values differences, and we protect student data & privacy. This information helps SCW track how well we reach all students with STEM programming.

Submit the personal statement as a Word document (.docx). Other documents may be submitted as PDF's. For ALL files submitted, use the filenaming format:

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